The Istituto Europeo di Design has always shown commitment to social issues and, has supported various projects that have materialized into innovative design opportunities. Projects designed to explore society and its problems, thus covering multiple perspectives, from environmental protection to global warming, from delicate issues such as aids, drugs, famine and poverty, and so on. For 2007 IED is introducing an International Special project calling upon students to tackle present day social challenges and seek new ideas to "Design for a better World".
The sub-themes are developed in relation to IED Schools: MODA LAB (Fashion), DESIGN, VISUAL ARTS AND COMMUNICATION.

IED has always been strongly motivated in showing how Design is not only an instrument for creating luxury items, but it can actually contribute in resolving social problems.

With this vision, IED has always encouraged project solutions concerning social issues, focusing on joint projects together with leader organizations in social issues such as Médecins Sans Frontieres, Green Cross, Unicef, Emergency, Amnesty International, Aids Life, CEI and Italian public offices in health care.

IED Schools have been called upon to develop special assignments; real life missions related to different segments of society and concerning different subject matters from devising alternative farming in the Chernobyl affected areas, to excogitating new devices for energy resources. Project solutions for the purifying of water in Africa, to designing warm clothes and accessories for the populations facing cold temperatures. To developing new concepts for transporting medical instruments and the wounded. To designing gadgets for the handicapped to reproduce, to campaigns for blood donations, human rights and prevention against drugs and aids.

Any student attending last year’s secondary school and secondary school graduates anywhere in the world, may enter the selection.

The submission are closed. Because of the great amount of projects received we will reveal the winners names on April 15th 2007. As well, the winners will be contacted directly from Istituto Europeo di Design.

Thank you to all the students partecipating in the special project and we are very sorry for the delay.

IED staff

Accepting entries: October 30th 2007
Deadline for entries: March 15th 2007
Screening: March 16th 2007
Announcement of Prizewinners: March 30th 2007

The Scholarships awarded will range from 20% of the tuition fee value up to 80% of the tuition fee value.